James Patterson’s SantaKid Alights Upon The iPad For Christmas



SantaKid, a children’s picture book by an author more known for his prolific career as a thriller writer, James Patterson, is now coming to the iPad.

It’s been released by the Hachette Book Group for Little, Brown publishers, the iPad-only app is available for $2.99 in the iTunes App Store, just in time for…well, you know.

Developer Hatchette collaborated with Auryn, a firm known for its books apps, and added animation, a virtual Christmas tree, and a snowman mini game to the text and illustrations, which assumedly match those in the hardcover children’s book.

When Warrie Ransom, the Big Boss of the Exmas Express Company, decides to buy Christmas and rename it Exmas, Santa Claus, Momma Claus, and their daugher Chrissie can’t believe their eyes.

Everything at the North Pole seems to change overnight–the elves stop making kids’ favorite toys, the Christmas doves won’t fly or sing, and no one seems to laugh anymore. It looks like Christmas is going to be ruined. But then Chrissie remembers something she had learned from her dad: you must believe in something bigger than yourself.

With a little help from her dad’s helpers, Chrissie––as santaKid––delivers presents to children on Christmas eve, sending Warrie Ransom back to where he came from! After all, when you believe in something, magic can happen.

The inclusion of such a big-name author in the kids’ book section of the iTunes app store is really just another marker of how incredibly influential Apple’s app marketplace has become in the few years it’s existed. For sure, Apple will be running a ton of holiday and Christmas app lists and promotions over the next couple of weeks during the run up to the magical day, making the App Store into a veritable retail outlet blaring the holiday cheer 24/7.

Source: iTunes App Store
Via: The Appside