Excuse Me Siri, Your Code Is Showing [Image]



Ever want to see the robot computer code language Siri actually thinks in before she translates it to English? Well if you’re in the U.S. and ask Siri why she doesn’t speak Danish, German, Portugese, Mandarin, French, Russian, or a number of other languages, then her answer will come back in a goop of unintelligible robot-speak. Well, unintelligible for people who have little understanding of coding.

It looks like there’s something wrong on the server end of Siri and she’s unable to retrieve the proper answer. Rather than answering in English, or offering to do a web search on your question, she orates the code version of the answer. We’ve yet to find any other questions that prompt a similar response from Siri, but this is another simple flaw that Eddie Cue and his team need to fix whenever they get done saving people from Apple Maps.

Have you seen similar code-based answers from Siri for other questions? Let us know in the comments.

  • thekirbylover

    This isn’t code. Just an internal string used by the Siri server that’s being accidentally sent instead of a message in English.

  • Buster

    @thekirbylover would an “internal string” not be categorized as “code” though?

  • mvcmendes

    It would be great if this was due to new languages being added to Siri. Not as in a ‘teaser’ or ‘leak’ but just someone screwing up code. It’d be nice to have a portuguese-speaking Siri just in time for the iPhone 5 release in Brazil this friday.

  • vkonrad

    iOS 6.1 BETA

  • Stevaroo01

    It’s working fine for me. I asked why she doesn’t speak Portuguese and I got a response of all of the languages she speaks so far, followed by an explanation of how to change what she speaks in settings.