WynCASE Might Be The First iPhone Gaming Case That Doesn’t Suck



I suck at playing video games on my iPhone. Well, I suck at playing video games period, but I’m even worse on an iPhone because the lack of real buttons usually just gets me lost and confused. There are a lot of iPhone gaming cases on the market that add physical buttons to an iPhone, but most of them suck and add extra bulk to an iPhone or drain the battery.

The WynCASE is the first iPhone gaming case that actually looks pretty freaking awesome because it doesn’t add any accessories onto the screen, it doesn’t need batteries, and it’s so thin you might just decide to keep it on your iPhone even when you’re not playing a game.

WynCASE is a new Kickstarter project that’s set to launch on December 11th at 3AM EST. The case adds four buttons on each side of your iPhone that will let you interact with games without having to actually touch the screen, making you a total iOS gaming badass – hopefully.

The case doesn’t need batteries and it doesn’t hookup to the iPhone’s Lightning port either. WynCASE interacts with each iPhone’s touchscreen by simply touching the outer edge of the screen so that it replicates human input. When you touch a button an electrical field is conducted into the touchscreen and the touchscreen recognizes it as a finger touch.

The WynCASE is currently being developed for the iPhone 4/4S/5 and iPod Touch. You can donate $30 to the Kickstarter project and get a WynCASE by April 2013.

Source: Kickstarter