Is Apple Trying To Tell Us That Apps & Games Are Finally Coming To Apple TV? [Updated]



If you’re an Apple TV owner, you’ve likely been looking forward to the day when Apple finally announces support for apps and games. We don’t know why it’s taking so long, but it looks as though the new feature could be just around the corner. Visit the store on your Apple TV, and you’ll notice Apple has added a number of banners advertising apps and games for the holiday season.

Either Apple’s trying to tell us a big feature is on its way, or someone inside Cupertino has gotten their graphics all mixed up.

To see the banners, you’ll need to hit “Movies” on your Apple TV, then go into “Genres.” Now select “Classics,” followed by “Holiday Music, Movies, and More.”

You’ll notice banners that promote “Snow Sports” apps and games, holiday cooking apps, “Deep Games for Holiday Downtime,” and apps for shopping. None of these graphics lead to anything yet; choose one and you’ll see a whole lot of nothingness. But they are strong indications that apps and games are coming to Apple TV — and soon.

Of course, there’s also a good possibility that these graphics were added accidentally. They could have been designed for the App Store, and appeared on the Apple TV thanks to an error on Apple’s back-end. After all, it’s highly unlikely Apple would allow a major feature like this to leak out so easily.

But we’re yet to spot these banners anywhere else as yet, and I’ve had a good look around the App Store on my Mac, and on my iOS devices. What’s more, the fact that there are four banners mentioning apps and games — not just one — suggests to me that this wasn’t just a misplaced graphic.

Of course, I could be completely wrong — I often am. But this looks promising to me. We’ll find out for certain soon, I’m sure.

UPDATE: Cult of Mac reader Corey email us to say that he managed to find all of these graphics within the App Store app on iOS. That suggests the graphics were indeed created for iOS, and that they made their way onto the Apple TV accidentally. The possibility of seeing apps and games support on the set-top box any time soon looks bleak yet again. Thanks, Corey!

Source: Mac OS Ken

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  • tiny_mind

    Well with the rumored upcoming bluetooth for Apple TV you might be right.

  • technochick

    This is more likely just you reading into things too much to find support for something you think would be cool.

    Apple has been doing these mixed material categories on the store for a while. It means nothing more than they want to advertise the whole range even to Apple TV folks

  • FriarNurgle


  • matrix3D

    I have a feeling it was a mistake. Not to say that they will never allow apps and games on the Apple TV but I just find it strange that these would be placed under the “Movies” section.

  • technochick

    I have a feeling it was a mistake. Not to say that they will never allow apps and games on the Apple TV but I just find it strange that these would be placed under the “Movies” section.

    Not a mistake at all. They have been doing this kind of crossover promotion for a while. They post the banners in all the areas to try to draw over those that only explore in one or two areas. Drum up their interests in other things.

  • corndogcomputer

    I disagree. I think that apps on an Apple TV is NOT a good idea. I defiantly don’t want a Twitter or Facebook app on my TV. I also don’t want to run games from it with it’s limited storage, and I definitely don’t want any apps that require a keyboard. There are already apps on the Apple TV.. anything that’s on my iPad or iPhone is on the Apple TV. And I have a nice remote control. The iPad Mini + AirPlay makes an awesome gaming console.

    Now, on the flip side as an iOS developer, I would love to sell apps on another platform, but that’s the only benefit I see for myself.

  • macvanderspek

    Even with the current Apple tv, there are many options for games. We have developed a bluetooth gaming framework that lets players sit around an iPad while each one plays with their iPhone/iPod. We see that people enjoy projecting the iPad on the television using the Apple tv, and everyone sitting on the couch while playing the game together. See for a free game that implements this.

  • fede

    apps on apple tv would kill smart tv by google, period.
    think about browsing from your couch, with google chrome you could also kind of airplay mirror android devices (broadening “audience”), get readable contents from apps on really big screens (no, not thinking about facebook or twitter, think e.g. about recipes), play tunein radio, pandora, spotify with a clean interface.. with a bit of effort (and imagination) i can think about using skype in the living room.
    not only a new market for the developers, a “revolutionary” low-cost desktop “computer” for the masses for apple (if the ipad can be enough for lots of people, this could be the mac mini of others) and last but not least a friendly introduction to the “on demand” contents for the majors.
    tv’s form factors today are few and standardized, so what are they waiting for?!?!?