Crazy Rube Goldbergian iPhoneography Kit Gives Amazing Results [Kickstart This!]



I’ll say it right now: The Ninth Sprocket Pro Kit looks like a spoof. It’s another Kickstarter project which converts an iPhone into a big-boys camera, complete with pro accessories and mounting options. It is also the weirdest, and possibly most unwieldy camera case I’ve ever seen.

The designer, Mark Shurtleff has been working on his invention for two year. Apparently “working on” means “sketching a building from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and then, two years later, making it into an iPhone case.” Actually, thats not fair. The kit also seems to combine the parts of a toy fishing set.

To use the case, you slide the iPhone 4/S into the big box and use the fishing pole to dangle a colored filter over the lens. There is also a set of LED units which can be used to either color the subject or to shine into the lens to make fake light leaks.

Thankfully the case also comes with two tripod mounts, as trying to juggle the handle, control the iPhone and place the LEDs will surely require more than two hands otherwise.

The Ninth Sprocket, then, is clearly a monster of a design. The results, though, are amazing. Take a look at the photos it creates (or try to stay awake through the Kickstarter pitch video) and you’ll see that in the right hands (all three of them) the kit will give amazing results.

I love that it emulates the digital filters from our iPhones using all-analog methods.

A $55 pledge is enough to get you a kit if and when it gets made. In the meantime, you can just grab some colored gels and a flashlight and get started on your own.

Source: Kickstarter

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    An iPhone camera accessory that is bigger than a regular camera.
    Somehow I don’t think this is such a good idea.

  • NinthSprocket

    Ninth Sprocket gets you instant SLR camera feel when you need it and creative filter and light leaks. Long live the crazy ones they are the guys that make a dent in the universe. Images speak for themselves NO Taps required :-) Save your fingers people.