Our Legal System At Work: Samsung Submits Redacted HTC-Apple Document In Court


Seriously, guys?
Seriously, guys?

In one of the more visually hilarious moments in the current legal wrangling between Samsung and Apple, Samsung has submitted parts of Apple’s deal with HTC to the judge involved in the Samsung v Apple case.

Notice anything weird about it? The document is seriously worked over by some paralegal’s Sharpie.

Granted, not all of the 143 pages in the document are marked out, but there are a lot of things covered up by someone with a really steady hand. Or a ruler.

Samsung is thought to be using this document to prove that Apple can come to some sort of agreement without an injunction against Samsung’s products. The jury has already awarded Apple over $1 billion in damages, so what do they have to lose?

If nothing else, we can all pore over the document’s un-marked portions for any interesting tidbits about the HTC agreement, though I’m not sure I’m personally up to that challenge. The document has been made available at Scribd by Ina Fried from All Things D.

Source: All Things D