Boombot REX, A Wearable Jambox For Excellent Adventurers [Kickstart This!]



The Boombot REX is a ruggedized, wearable JamBox for outdoorsy types. It looks amazing – and even more so because it was invented by Bill and Ted.

I say that with love. The real makers, Lief Storer and Chris McKleroy, are a pair who like to go on excellent adventures of their own, and decided to make a speaker that could come along with them. That speaker is the REX, a hexagonal, palm-sized boombox with two stereo drivers and a “MASSIVE Bass Woofer.”

The speaker clips onto clothes, bikes or anything else and resists rain and bumps. The speaker will run for 4-8 hours on its li-ion battery, will survive drops of up to 2.5 meters, and even works with Siri. You can also daisy-chain the speaker using the audio-out socket.

Bill and Ted are hawking their project on Kickstarter as we speak, and the production line is tooled up and ready to roll. All they need is cash money (and help with their high-school history presentation). Currently the minimum buy-in is just $75, which seems like a deal.

Want to help the boys avoid a bogus journey? Head over and pitch in.

Source: Kickstarter