iPhone Ringtones Covered On Acoustic Guitar



Da-duh-duh-da-duh-duh-da-DUH-duh. So goes the familiar tune of the iPhone’s default Marimba ringtone, as recognizable (and yet not nearly as annoying) as Nokia’s Gran Vals.

And yet what if you want to mix things up a little, but not too much? Greg Pierce, the wonder-developer at Agile Tortoise – responsible for Drafts, Terminology and others – has done the hard work for you, re-rendering iOS’ alert sounds on acoustic guitar.

Marimba is great, but you can also re-live these greatest hits in hastily-recorded guitar-O-vision:

  • Blues
  • Piano Riff
  • Alarm
  • Doorbell

All are made available free, and in iPhone-friendly .M4R format, ready to ring. My favorite is Piano Riff, if only because of the switch of instruments (although technically, the piano is a string instrument too).

Source: Awkward Hare

Via: The Loop

  • Stevaroo01

    Be careful with the musical references if you’re not sure about them. “Technically” the piano is actually a percussion instrument, not a string instrument. Even though it has strings (of a sort), it produces its sound by striking, not plucking or bowing.

    Anyway, nit-picky-ness aside, I like the new options.

    • chloe

      How do you download ringtones