LaCie’s Slick d2 External Hard Drive Is Now Thunderbolt And USB 3.0 Friendly



LaCie, the fantastic data storage company that was recently acquired by Seagate, has updated its d2 external hard drive with USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt. It comes in a sleek, minimal, fan-free, aluminum shell that looks great next to any Mac.

With speeds of up to 180MB/s, the only real downside to this drive is that it’s not solid state. LaCie is selling both 3TB and 4TB models.

Don’t let your project get derailed by external drive/computer incompatibility. With both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt interfaces, the LaCie d2 is a perfect match for your Mac and PC. And because USB 3.0 is backwards compatible, you can connect it to any standard computer on the planet. Its multiple interfaces make it the must-have sidekick to a new Mac or Ultrabook.

The exterior case has been redesigned to provide “60% more surface area than flat designs, diverting and dissipating heat more efficiently.” Each drive comes with a three-year warranty. The 3TB model sells for $300 while the 4TB sells for $400. Check out LaCie’s website for more information.

Source: LaCie

  • Jeffrey-the Barak

    I have had three of these fail (Firewire version) I would be reluctant to buy a fourth.

  • davester13

    Expensive drives combined with cheap power supplies…a winning combination!

  • craigburdett

    Expensive drives combined with cheap power supplies…a winning combination!

    Ditto that! I have two dead Quadra cases in a closet somewhere whose drives outlived the BSO case. Pretty boxes with ultimately unreliable power supplies and pretty crappy fraying power cords as well.

    I have terabytes of idle HDDs & SSDs and I can’t wait until somebody starts offering the cases without the drives. I’m perplexed that almost TWO YEARS after the ‘launch’ of Thunderchicken no manufacturer is offering an unpopulated drive case (other than a couple of overpriced multi-drive boxes). But, they keep shoving archaic spinning drives into Thunderbolt cases and hawking them at out-of-this-world prices.

    They’ll kill this just like they did FW…and then complain that no one would adopt the technology.

  • ioannis2005gr

    LaCie RAID products with dual thunderbolt, are more reliable…and cost-effective…