Anostyle Turns Your iPhone Into An Anodized Work Of Art



There are all kinds of services out there that will paint your iPhone into a crazy colored mess, most notably Colorware. But what about taking it to the next level? When each iPhone is made and assembled in a factory, Apple uses a process called anodization to color the device. A new startup called Anostyle will anodize your iOS devices into another color of your choosing, thereby making you infinitely cooler than all your boring black-and-white-iPhone-using friends.

Although using a company like Colorware works fine, it’s often way too expensive and the paint finish is susceptible to cracking and chipping. Not so with Anostyle. The dye is literally charged and fused into your iPhone for all of eternity.

Anostyle explains the magic:

Our process is different from paint application processes and other companies. While paint can chip, wear, and change the feel of your device, the quality of the AnoStyle™ finish remains bright and factory fresh.

We have spent months perfecting our unique and patent-pending process to ensure your device looks exactly how you want it, and stays that way.

Jonathan Geller of BGR loves it:

I’ve had a fascination with gold phones since… forever. But no one really does gold phones properly. They’re heavy, they scratch, they dent, and the gold blocks the signal. Plus they’re extremely expensive, obviously. When I found out about Anostyle’s anodization service I immediately was interested, and I ordered a gold and black iPhone 5.

The second I went outside and started using it, people began asking non-stop about it and they all assumed it’s a case until they actually saw the phone. Since the service just launched on Monday night, I couldn’t tell them where to order one. Now I can.

Not only is Anostyle of higher quality, but it’s way cheaper than the competition (and yet still too steep for most). You can have your iPhone anodized for $249 and shipped to you, which is way better than Colorware’s $850. Anostyle also excepts iPads. There are all kinds of color combos available, and you can check it all out on the Anostyle website.

Source: Anostyle

Via: BGR