Apple Removes Limit On How Many Unlocked iPhone 5s Customers Can Purchase



Since the iPhone 5 launched in October Apple has limited the number of unlocked iPhone 5s a customer can purchase to 2 units per transaction and only 10 units per lifetime.

Now that Apple’s stock of iPhone 5 units has caught up with demand, Apple has changed its policy on how many unlocked iPhone 5s customers can purchase.

Customers can now purchase 10 units per transaction and an unlimited number per lifetime. Apple’s online store has reflected the new policy changes as well. You can add 999 unlocked iPhone 5s to your cart (for a grand total of $648,351 mind you), but the online Apple Store will only process 10 units per transaction.

Even though Apple’s lifted restrictions on iPhone 5 purchases, customers can still only purchase two iPad minis at a time.

Source: iPhoneinCanada