First Round Of Third-Party Lightning Cables Are Coming From Griffin



Griffin is officially the first legit accessory maker to sell third-party Lightning-to-USB cables. Several Lightning-compatible accessories have already come out, but no alternative sync cables. Griffin will start selling Apple-authorized Lightning cables during the first week of December in four different lengths.

Lightning isn’t cheap, so you’ll be paying a minimum of $17 for the shortest cable Griffin offers.

The 4 measurements: 2 feet for $17, 3 feet for $19, 4 feet for $25, and a healthy 3 meters for $30. All come in black and the 2 footer is coiled. For comparison, Apple sells its 3.5-foot Lightning-to-USB cable for $20 and in white only.

These cables should be available on Griffin’s website towards the beginning of next week.

Source: Griffin

  • SupaMac

    4 feet and 3 meter! finally. great for the automobile.

  • jpadhiyar

    Definitely not cheap. This is one of the biggest problems with legacy. And one can be quite sure that Apple isn’t going to let go of legacy for the more popular USB ports anytime in the near future. Or even distant future.

  • eim23x

    I am ordering the 3 meter once it out.