Modern Magic: This Submerged MacBook Pro Still Works [Gallery]



Maybe you’ve never heard of mineral oil but it’s an amazing liquid that let’s you perform all kind of magic. You can do neat crap with it, like take apart your perfectly good MacBook Pro, dump the components in a vat of mineral oil, and it’ll still work.

I don’t know why you would want to waste a perfectly good MacBook Pro, but one Reddit user decided a liquid cooled MacBook would be the bee’s knees, so he built it himself.

Here’s how he did it:

To start with, the board was placed in a tray and mineral oil was pored on top of it just to make sure that everything would work. He connected the board to his monitor and keyboard and everything was in perfect working order.

More parts were striped from the MacBook Pro and placed in a 3 gallon pitcher of mineral oil. You can see the power button and remnants of the keyboard along with the USB and mini display ports.

The internal battery was also added to the aquarium kit and since there is no display, bluetooth, or keyboard being powered via the battery the battery life could be off the charts.

The fan was also included but because of the thickness of the mineral oil a few of the blades had to be cut so that the fan will still spin. The fan assists in oil circulation so that the cooling powers of the mineral oil are more effective.

The final product isn’t beautiful but with a better container this silent MacBook Pro could be one really awesome machine.

To see more pictures of this building processes click here.


Source: Reddit