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How To: Jailbreak and Unlock Your iPhone / iPod Touch Using Blackra1n



Warning: This method no longer works. To jailbreak the latest firmware, check out greenpois0n/limera1n/Pwnage Tool

George Hotz a.k.a GeoHot has released blackra1n RC3, which is an update to a 1-click jailbreak that adds activation options and an add-on blacksn0w, which unlocks latest iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS baseband version 05.11.07. To use blacksn0w, make sure you have this new baseband (check under Settings –> General –> About –> Modem Firmware) and if not, then update to a stock 3.1.2 firmware.

It is pretty easy to use and worked perfectly with my iPhone 3G. Besides the tool, there’s a blackra1n application that gets automatically installed on the iPhone after jailbreak, which gives you option to install Cydia and some other alternatives like RockYourPhone and the ‘sn0w’ option to use blacksn0w unlock solution as well.

Please note that if you have an iPhone 2G, you can still jailbreak using blackra1n but blacksn0w will not unlock for you. You must use BootNeuter available in Cydia for that purpose. Also, if you purchased an iPhone 3GS or iPod Touch (any capacity) in October or later, there is a high probability that you have a new model. Blackra1n currently performs only a tethered jailbreak for these new devices, which means you need to use blackra1n every time you boot the device, otherwise all your jailbreak data gets wiped.

Here’s see how it works.


  • An iPhone / iPod Touch (any model)
  • Blackra1n tool available at
  • iTunes 9.0.2
  • A wireless internet connection (to install cydia etc.)

Now, let’s get started with the procedure:

1. Download the blackra1n tool and double-click to open it.


2. Make sure your iPhone / iPod Touch is attached to the Mac / PC and click ‘make it ra1n’.

3. Blackra1n will tell you that the device is booting into Recovery Mode. Check the device’s screen and it should turn off and then show an iTunes logo with cable, indicating it is in Recovery Mode.


4. A few seconds later, you will get an image of GeoHot on your device’s screen. The Blackra1n program on your Mac / PC will request you to donate to GeoHot, click ‘OK’. Now it will tell you to wait, till the device reboots. You can now close the program.




5. After the device reboots, make sure you have an active internet connection on it.


6. Navigate to the last page of the device’s springboard and open the blackra1n app.



7. Now select any or all of the two installers and / or ‘sn0w’, if you want to unlock as well and tap on ‘install’ button in the navigation bar. It will now download the desired application(s)  and if you chose ‘sn0w’, it will show a release log, tap close. It will then re-spring (refresh).





8. After the device re-springs, you will have the selected application(s) installed and will have an unlocked iPhone if you choose to. Congratulations! You’re now successfully jailbroken and / or unlocked.


9. If you want to remove the blackra1n application from the device, open the application again and tap ‘Uninstall blackra1n’, this will NOT undo the jailbreak by any means. The device will now re-spring and you will no longer have the application.




All the credit for the great tool goes to George Hotz a.k.a GeoHot.