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OpEd: Is the 3G iPhone a Red Herring?



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It’s WWDC time, only this year something is different. Where’s the wild speculation? If patent applications are any evidence, there are many cool things brewing in Apple’s lab —but all is quiet. Where’s the hype that precedes any Stevenote? Oh sure people are talking, but only about one thing: iPhone v.2.0.

Personally, I think this whole 3G iPhone business is a red herring. Sure, it’ll be announced, and people will love it. But the leaks abound so much. I find myself hoping that it’s part of a disinformation campaign; to keep us distracted so we don’t guess to closely at what new cool products Apple might unveil, and that there will be a terrific surprise for all of us at WWDC.

It’s been nearly a year and a half since the “Jesus-Phone” was announced at last year’s Macworld and since then it’s been: all iPhone, all the time, everywhere. I don’t want to seem to hate on the device; the defense will even go so far as to stipulate, your honor, that the iPhone might be best thing that’s ever been invented. But c’mon! Eighteen months after Prometheus descended from the heavens, I’m pretty sure folks were like: “Uh… yeah… fire… great…”

There is definitely more to talk about. There have been some great things come out of Cupertino this year, heck, there is a MacBook Pro that you can literally give the finger to, and it will respond accordingly. Yet it’s relegated to a footnote in technological history.

Now virtually everyone, including those villagers recently discovered in the Amazon, who have had no previous contact with the modern world, knows that the new iPhone 3G is coming out at WWDC this year. Yet, Steve rarely (if ever) uses the “Just one more thing…” part of the Stevenote to unveil a simple product update especially one so obvious (I know that a 3G iPhone, with GPS, and built in margarita machine is probably considered by some to be more than an update).

So what do you think? Other than a iPhone update, what else do you think Steve will unveil in his Stevenote? I know what I’m hoping for, but like the time I got up the nerve to ask out Sarah Andrews in 10th grade, I’m also steeled for disappointment.


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50 responses to “OpEd: Is the 3G iPhone a Red Herring?”

  1. Mark Rowland says:

    You can already get a tablet mac, albeit 3rd party

  2. TheSlush says:

    What have you done for me LATELY, Prometheus? I’m with ya! Bring on the Mac Tablet!

  3. Darin says:


  4. Ian T says:

    I think the new iPhone will be a major first update as well as the revision to dot mac. I even think we might see something having to do with iTunes. Who knows. And I do agree with the possibility of the mac tablet. That would be an amazing ‘One more thing’.

    Btw, could someone make a list of all the ‘One more thing’ products in Apple’s History. That would be appreciated

  5. Will M says:


    All I can say is CableCARD, BluRay AppleTV or MacMini. I feel like with potential challenges from NetFlix et al what better time to drop that bomb.

  6. Bram O. says:

    I’m seriously hoping for an aluminum MacBook.

  7. xekc says:

    New cinema displays.

  8. AAPLWatcher says:

    When is the last time Steve actually did a “oh one last thing” thing?

  9. Doug says:

    1. Aluminum Macbook

    2. Redesign of Macbook Pro. Preferably with easy access HD like the MB…ohhh and Black Aluminum option.

    3. Nice 32gb iPhone (all else be damned….3G, GPS, thinner….whateva…gimme some more space!)

    4. More powerful Macbook Air. 5400 rpm 160gb hd….maybe another usb? too much?

    5. iMac with Matte screen option. Glossy screens bite yam sack.

    6. Revamped .Mac…..but for all that’s good and holy in this world….DON’T name it “Mobile Me”. Alternate names: iMobile, Syncronicity, Sync-it, ‘dot’ Sync, iSync…….Sync-a-dink-a-doo?…anything but Mobile Me. Of course….I really hated Macbook Pro at first too. Meh, what do I care….as long as it works.

    7. Oh, and last but not least: A public apology by Balmer to Dr. J for dissing the iPhone out of the gate. Followed by a pantsing and thorough hazing.


  10. Jonsie says:

    Running PC apps natively, without having to use boot camp, xp, fusion, etc.

  11. media_lush says:

    ….oh, and from now on .mac is a free service

    or at the very least just a few buck/quid/euros

    imagine if Apple could develop something along the lines of blogger….. aye caramba, back of the net!

  12. peter says:

    I guess, some big suprises are in new software produkts. My 3 favourites are a much overhauled Quicktime 8 with much better multicore, multithreading and internet integration support
    and as the big surprise a Safari Developer Kit for easy Internet Site scripting building RIA and using only Standard HTML 5, CSS and Java Script
    as well as some new and unnanounced Software Feature for iphone OS 2.0 with some sort of Spotlight and Finder Light, Copy and Paste Support and the big future things, geotagging and navigation.

    If there will be a bigger iphone / ipod tablett device , and I expect at least one Intel Atom based Apple device with a 7 to 9 inch screen for Summer 2008, the WWDC would be a good guess for an announcement, because developers could optimate from start the UI for a 2nd bigger screen resolution.

    All other Mac Hardware annnouncements would come mid of July at the earlist, along the release of Centrino 2.

  13. airwin says:

    It’s going to be a tablet. Or something touchscreenie. Why else would microsoft otherwise rush to show windows 7 with touch screen capabilities. They wanted to be the first to claim it. Although it didn’t make a lot of impact…

  14. Joseph says:

    1) 3G iPhone, apps, the future of iPhone Platform
    2) .Mac
    3) Redesign macbook pro
    4) New Cinemas for my mac pro :)))
    5) The future of OS X & Leopard

    It’s WWDC and i demand to see software innovations and features.

  15. Craig Grannell says:

    ‘iMac with Matte screen option.’

    And with a user-replaceable hard-drive, as per the MacBook. Clearly, the chances of that are roughly zero, though.

  16. leigh says:

    @Ian — Ask and you shall recieve… I did that research for the post, we cut it because it was getting too long. This list is not just the “One more things” also it may not be comprehensive, any errors are google’s fault ;)

    1998: Cupertino Product announced: original iMac
    1999: Cupertino Product announced: OS 9
    1999: Macworld Expo New York Product announced: original iBook, AirPort
    2000: Macworld Expo San Francisco Product announced: OS X
    2000: Macworld Expo New York Product announced: G4 Cube
    2001: Cupertino Product announced: original iPod
    2002: Macworld Expo San Francisco Product announced: G4 iMac
    2002: WWDC — OS X – 10.2
    2003: Macworld Expo San Francisco Products announced: 17-inch PowerBook, 12-inch
    2003: WWDC — PowerMac G5, the ‘iApps’
    2004: WWDC — 23 & 30 inch Cinema Displays, OS X Tiger (10.4) Previewed
    2005: Macworld Expo San Francisco Product announced: original iPod shuffle, Mac Mini, iPod Nano
    2005: WWDC — The switch from PPC to Intel processors
    2006: Macworld Expo San Francisco Product announced: MacBook Pro
    2006: San Francisco Product announced: “iTV” (later named Apple TV)
    2006: WWDC — The MacPro, Intel based Xserve, Leopard Preview
    2007: Macworld Expo San Francisco Products announced: Apple TV, iPhone
    2007: WWDC — Feature complete version of Leopard demonstrated.

  17. Daniel Bachhuber says:

    Multi-touch Mac tablet, with either a pop out or wireless keyboard. Mac Air Pro? It will be the replacement for the 12 inch Powerbook.

    Is dual screens possible? If I were Steve Jobs, I would have a hissy fit seeing the mockup for OLPC v2.

  18. Craig Grannell says:

    ‘New cinema displays.’

    That would also be nice, especially if they’re actually pro-standard (think: Eizo). The current ACDs are distinctly average, albeit with an above-average price-tag.

  19. Bill Olson says:

    1) Update to Mac mini with up to 4gb of RAM and 500 GB internal hard drive (1 gb – 160 gb standard, 2 gb – 250 medium option, 4 gb – 500gb high end).

    2) See 1)

    3) See 1)

    4) Major update to iMovie HD ’06 now call iMovie Mini Express. Works much faster – only disappointment is that it doesn’t do AVCHD but it DOES let you do picture in picture so you can show score board for daughter’s/son’s soccer game in upper right/left corner. Price is $79 or $99. I don’t care that nobody else wants it, I DO **** IT!!!

    5) Updates to All cinema displays with price drops. Speaker and iSight camera is built into the displays and the 20″ cinema display is now $299 and 24″ (using the 24″ display from iMacs) is $499 or $599, the 30″ cinema display is now $1299. (Yes I dreaming and I don’t care what you think about it.

    6) iTouch – now with 32gb or 64gb of RAM

    7) iPhone – now with 32gb or 64gb or RAM.

    7b) Oh … and 3G

    7c) oh … and GPS

    Just one more thing … Nano iPhone … TADA … the Nano iPhone actually plugs into your ear like a bluetooth ear piece with a special earpiece that comes with it that you plug into the Nano iPhone that goes under your chin (or over your head) to your other ear so you can hear music in stereo.

    I know these are not based in reality, but I THINK DIFFERENT like Steve Jobs told me to and this is how I think and this is what I want.

  20. Deocliciano says:


    Way to go!

    All I need.

    Well, maybe an expandable Mac Mini for those like me who cannot afford a MacPro.

  21. Bill Coleman says:

    Traditionally, WWDC is not a platform for announcing new products. It’s about talking to developers. Although, on occasion, Apple has been known to throw in a product announcement in WWDC — particularly for something that is relevant to developers (eg the switch to Intel processors). Sometimes the timing for WWDC is right for a product announcement (Lombard laptop).

    Generally, though, WWDC is about developers. The iPhone SDK appears to have drawn more than sufficient interest, as WWDC is SOLD OUT for the first time, ever. That’s a particularly significant event all by itself.

    So, my best guess is — no new product announcements at WWDC.

  22. Richard says:

    I’m hoping that the iTunes store are gonna get some of it’s borders torn down. Now that Apple are spending more effort to sell the Apple TV it is time to let innhabitans in more countries be able to buy and rent movies through iTunes store. But with the movie corporations being as conservative as they are, thats not going to happen.

  23. Greg says:

    I think something “touch” oriented would be terrific- a small touch device bigger than the iPhone. I think that Apple needs to start pushing the envelope a little, and really make the “touch” functionality really useful. The iPhone is too small.

  24. Andrew DK says:

    1) Multi-touch hardware device for desktops

    2) Apple TV + Netflix w/ possible new remote

    3) Multi-touch “tablet”

  25. maverick says:

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