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Etsy For iOS Makes Your Hand-Made Christmas Shopping Easy [Review]


They made you an Etsy for your iPad
They made you an Etsy for your iPad

New on the store this week is Etsy for iOS, and it’s beautifully done. Taking cues from apps like Flipboard and sites like Pinterest, Etsy is an exceptionally neat way of browsing and buying from the site that’s full of interesting hand-made things.

One delightful first impression is that there’s no requirement to sign up for an account if all you want to do is browse. Thank goodness for that.

Of course you have to sign up – or sign in – if you want to actually buy something, but you’re welcome to browse around with no obligation first.

This is exactly as things should be. No real-world store would ask you to apply for membership before it allowed you to walk through its doors, and no digital store should either.

Another instantly noticeable thing was that the app lists local prices. I’m in the UK, so I see prices in UK pounds, and appropriate shipping charges right next to them too. It’s a little thing, but so nice to see it working the right way as soon as I start exploring.

Prices that make sense wherever you are

Etsy was made for exploring, and this app makes doing so very easy. Items are displayed with large images that invite you to touch. On the iPhone, there’s a logical layout that’s easy to explore with just one thumb – swipe sideways to switch between categories (for him, for her, and so on) and swipe up to scroll through a selection of items. It’s very nicely done.

The iPad version is slightly different, properly adapted for use on the larger screen. It looks a lot like Pinterest, I think.

Etsy is a great way of buying gifts with a little more personality, a little more meaning, than anything mass produced. Although I’m a great supporter of the web, and love using websites that have been built to work on all browsers and all devices, sometimes native apps make the whole experience that little bit more pleasurable, and Etsy for iOS is one of those. Lovely stuff.

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