Is This the Most Bad-Ass iPhone 5 Case Yet?



ElementCase is now selling (for pre-order) the limited edition Sector 5 Black Ops iPhone 5 case for military and espionage types.

It features a non-glare anodized finish with super gripping edges, back and corner.

It comes with a “tactical holster” and a “non-glare privacy screen” and “Black Ops CNC machined amber RF inserts,” whatever the heck those are.

It’s not cheap, though. The SRP is $199.95, and it ships December 6.


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6 responses to “Is This the Most Bad-Ass iPhone 5 Case Yet?”

  1. zzzoren says:

    FYI, with this case you can have serious issues if you get a static charge. I was constantly getting shocked last winter when I had one of these cases on my iPhone 4S. At one point there was a big shock and my iPhone was wiped! Luckily I was able to restore it, but you never know.

  2. mindurfuckhole says:

    Pay the same for a case for the phone as you did for the phone itself….makes so much sense..I might have to get 2 or maybe even 3 cases..just for fun.

  3. claudia552 says:

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  4. MattBlackWriter says:

    Perfect for the paranoid uncle in your family! But seriously that doesn’t sound all that great for $200. Lifeproof and Otterbox make better ‘military grade’ iPhone cases anyway.

  5. Jack2397 says:

    Can recommend my case. They’re awesome.

  6. BernierRealty says:

    I think these cases are way over priced and have the older Black Ops case. I think the Lunatik Taktik is the most bad-ass Iphone case on the market by far

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