Watch Every Apple TV Ad Ever Aired Thanks To This YouTube Playlist [Video]



Apple’s made some excellent television ads over the last few decades. They’ve also made some dumb ones, like the Mac Genius ads that got axed this year. If for some reason you wanted to study each and everyone of the 485ish ads that Apple’s produced, some thoughtful YouTube user, who loves you very much, has created a huge video playlists of every Apple TV ad ever aired.

There are 485 ads in the playlist and it would only take you around 4 hours or so to watch them all, so have at. Watch as Apple’s ad strategy morphs before your eyes as it goes from Macintosh, to Newton, to iMac, to iPod, to the Get a Mac ads to iPhone and beyond. And if you want to combine all of those 485 ads into one long video to make it even easier for us all, that’d be pretty cool too.


Source: YouTube

Via: Gizmodo