At Last, A Proper iPhone 5 Lightning Dock


At last! A proper Lightning dock for your iPhone, complete with its own built-in, pivoting Lightning connector. No longer do you need to sacrifice a valuable (read: overpriced) Apple Lightning cable to make a dock work with an iPhone 5.

Gear4’s dock is called, simply, the Lightning Dock. It does exactly what you want, and no more: Hold and charge an iPhone 5.

The connector pivots to allow easy on/off action, the dock’s shape allows for a slight rearward tilt so you can still use it while it’s docked, and the hole in the back hooks up to an microUSB cable you have lying around. And if you’re anything like me, you have more or these cables than you have mis-matched Tupperware lids.

The only thing some might miss is an audio jack for hooking directly up to a stereo. Then again, who uses cables to connect to speakers in the age of AirPlay?

The Lightning Dock is available now, for $40.

Source: Gear4

Thanks: Eloise!