You Can Now Send Your Friends iTunes Credits As “Gifts” Over Facebook



Apple and Facebook haven’t had the most loving relationship ever. There was that time that Facbeook wouldn’t let them integrate Facebook Connect into Ping. And then Apple got them back by integrating Twitter into iOS before even talking to Facebook about it.

Things might have gotten a little bit better between the two companies though after Apple put Facebook into the core of iOS 6. Now delicious little fruits are springing out of their relationship, the latest of which, let’s Facebook users give their friends iTunes credits as a “gift.”

It’s totally perfect if there’s a game that you really want your friend to play with you but they’re too damn lazy and cheap to fork over the 99cents to get it. Now you can just send him a few bucks worth of iTunes credits and recommend they buy the app.

While the iTunes Gifts idea makes it easier for get friends digital presents, it also gives Facebook another revenue stream that they desperately need after their stock price has slumped for months. According to Mike Isaac at All Things D, Facebook will now be an active participant in the $260 million-dollar market size for physical iTunes cards split among participating retails.


Source: All Things D