Apple Sold 11 iPads Per Hour On Black Friday While Microsoft Sold Zero Surface Tablets



Mall of America happens to have both an Apple Store and a Microsoft Store under one roof. In fact, they’re right across the hall from each other, so it’s a great place to gauge how enthusiastic people are for both brands.

On Black Friday, Gene Munster and his team of analyst from Piper Jaffray spend eight hours counting heads at the Apple Store. They also spend two hours monitoring the Microsoft Store and found that Microsoft didn’t sell a single Microsoft Surface tablet.

Here are some other facts that Munster observed:

  • There was 47% less foot traffic at the Microsoft Store than the Apple Store
  • Shoppers bought 17.2 items per hour at Apple and only 3.5 items per hour at Microsoft.
  • Two out of every 3.5 purchases at the Microsoft Store were just Xbox games
  • The Apple Store sold 11 iPads per hour.
  • Microsoft sold zero Microsoft Surface tablets

Munster’s team also concluded that sales of Macs and iPads appear to be down from their levels in 2011, which many believe can be attributed to supply issues. Overall store traffic for Apple is up 31% compared to last year.


Source: Fortune

  • Derek Schlicker

    Interesting, but might be anecdotal. We don’t know to what extent Surfaces are being purchased online, or at other MS stores.

    I think what this does tell us is that the Apple retail experience has ten years experience on MS and it shows. MS has some catch up to do if it wants to even come close to the Apple experience, and that’s assuming MS executes as well as Apple did, and that too is a huge what-if.

  • iSteve

    Apple is not only a brand but a religion…but microsoft is just a name which means nothing..

  • Mystakill

    Hardly an Apples-to-Microsofts comparison, what-with the drastically different amounts of time spent monitoring either store. I doubt it would’ve made that much of a difference, but spotters for both stores at the same time, and for the same amount of time, would’ve been a better/more fair comparison.

  • BrokenApp

    I sat outside a McDonalds for an hour at noon and noticed that they sold 76 BigMac sandwiches in that hour.

    I then sat outside of Burger King for 5 minutes at 3:30 and noticed that not one Whopper was sold. Not only that, in that 5 minutes they only sold a Kids Meal.

  • defactomonkey

    Every Microsoft store I have been in it almost feels like it’s a big joke. It’s a hurried and sloppy reproduction of an Apple Store trying to cash in on a perceived acceptance by consumers that in these types of stores they will pay a premium. Microsoft has a long way to go, but I think their first step needs to be to take their approach to retail and make it their own. Don’t try to redo what Apple did 10 years ago.

  • Aaron

    I went to the Mall of America earlier this year and, yes, the Apple store and Microsoft store are within sight distance of each other. (Not a “coming soon” like the graphic at the top of this article.) I, too, was amazed at the difference in the amount of people in the Apple store versus the Microsoft store. Maybe “amazed” is too strong of a word. I expected the Apple store to have more traffic, just not THAT much more.

    Microsoft has a problem with Surface. It’s great hardware, but it’s the software that makes the machine! This multi-headed hydra of an operating system tries to be everything to everyone. Until they realize that both versions (!) of Windows 8 (8/RT) need to be separate instead of joined at the hip, they will continue to fail to meet expectations of customers.

  • ashley196

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  • Zod Buster

    amazing.. and now being able to sell in CHINA.. yet the share prices are going down… ????????