Simple-For-Ever Syncs Simplenote and Evernote



Use Simplenote to take and search notes on your iPhone or iPad? Love Evernote? Then you’re going to be totally stoked about Simple-For-Ever, a service which syncs the two accounts.

Right now, the beta of Simple-For-Ever takes your Simplenote notes and puts them in your Evernote account. It preserves tags and creation/modification dates, auto-detects Markdown-formatted notes and converts them to rich text, and lets you search all your notes in Evernote.

What is doesn’t yet do is two-way sync, so you can’t edit in Evernote and have the changes synced back to Simplenote just yet. This is promised as a for-pay Pro feature when the beta is over.

The beta is open and free to try, and as a way of entering short notes into Evernote it actually seems pretty neat. I haven’t yet tried it, as I use the two services for very different things, and the excellent Drafts app lets me quickly add notes to anywhere, including Evernote. But I’d bet that some of you are going the be using the hell out of this thing.

Source: Simple‑for‑Ever

  • PlainElephant

    Thanks for mentioning our service. It’s not perfect yet: We still have problems with more than 1’000 notes in a Simplenote account (Evernote’s account size doesn’t matter). And, keep in mind that the notes are read-only in Simplenote.

    Even if you use Simplenote and Evernote for different use cases, it might still be worth using it: You can use Evernote to search for bothe Simplenote’s and Evernote’s content…