Cavity Case Puts The F In Fugly



Imagine an iPhone case which can hold not only the iPhone 5, but your keys, your cash, and your credit cards. Imagine that this case also comes with a built-in mirror and a telescopic pen. Finally, picture this case as a svelte beauty, a case worthy of the iPhone 5 it contains.

Sound impossible? That’s because it is. The case does hold everything in the list, but it’s as ugly as sin. If you were to take the branches of an ugly tree, fashion them into a giant tumble-dryer barrel and spin an iPhone case inside it – forever – then you’d end up with something a lot like the Cavity Case.

Cavity Case seems like the right name to me, if you know what I mean. It follows the “more is less” school of design. If you were to assemble the objects on the list above, and then spent five minutes working out the shape of a box that would fit them all inside, and then you turned that shape into an actual case, then you’d have then boxy, oversized Cavity Case. Bonus points if you thought that adding a leather strap would be a good idea.

It doesn’t stop there. You can use the storage compartment to hold contact lens solution, a cigarette lighter, a thumb drive, or a lip gloss. If you ever saw one of those 100-odd blade Swiss Army Knives that are like a foot wide, then you will be instantly at home staring scornfully at the Cavity Case.

There is one saving feature of this case, and that’s its ability to split into two. Thus you can keep the iPhone protected in your pocket and put the other half in a bag or a purse, as Gadget God intended.

The price? The case is currently begging funding on the poor-man’s Kickstarter – Indiegogo, and while the hoped-for RRP is $60, you can pick up a pen-free case for $39.

Source: Indiegogo