Watch Movies On The Go With MacX iPad Video Converter [Freebies]


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The iPad has become one of the premier video consumption devices on the planet. having access to videos in the palm of your hands anytime, anywhere is a huge bonus. But getting some videos to your iPad isn’t a slam dunk. You have to change formats for some of them – and that can be a pain.

But this freebie that we’re delivering today at Cult of Mac Deals will change all that.

For a limited time you can get MacX iPad Video Converter, the best iPad video converter on the market free of charge!

Thanks to our friends over at Digiarty we’re able to hook you up with a Mac app that allows you to convert all of your videos to play on your iPad for free. MacX iPad Video Converter will convert any of your HD and SD videos stored in a variety of formats into iPad compatible formats like H.264, MPEG–4, and MOV.

Here are some of the features of MacX iPad Video Converter:

  • Converts HD Videos to your iPad
  • Converts SD Videos to iPad supported formats
  • Extracts audio and picture from video files for your iPad
  • Converts or uploads YouTube videos to your iPad
  • Trim video segments and cut off unwanted segments
  • …and more!

There is one caveat to this deal. You must redeem this freebie upon purchase, and the license code expires on November 26, 2012.

Amp up your entertainment on your iPad and grab MacX iPad Video Converter today. It’s free – and it will make your video viewing a more freeing experience!

  • singlespeed

    Thanks! I’ve been wanting an App for converting .AVI into a format that would play on the iPad.

  • jjjones

    it looks exactly like handbrake. like they took the open source code and threw a cheezy coat of paint on it. is this basically just handbrake repackaged as a paid app?

  • MrSarcy

    Vuze is free and converts to all kinds of formats too. Plus its a torrent client and a dlna server.

  • _mick_

    One word. Handbreak. I’m sick of these paid for ads dressed up as tips.

    It gets worse: you have to “like” or “follow” them on BOTH Twitter and FB. You only find this out AFTER you’ve registered and given them your email address. Don’t have Twitter and/or FB? Not much of a freebie, then.