Apple Fires Samsung As MacBook, iPad Battery Maker


Samsung is no longer supplying Apple's iPad batteries.
Samsung is no longer supplying Apple's iPad batteries.

Apple has reportedly further distanced itself from rival Samsung by switching its suppliers for iPad and MacBook batteries. The Cupertino company has been seemingly working to avoid Samsung’s components since the companies became embroiled in various legal battles all over the world.

Chinese Business News reports that Apple is now relying on batteries from Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery to power its iPads and MacBooks. The switch is the latest of a number of changes made to cut Samsung out of its supply chain, with the Cupertino company previously shunning its displays and flash memory.

One component Apple cannot avoid, however, is Samsung’s processors, which are used to power its hugely popular iOS devices. Samsung is the only supplier of Apple’s A4, A5, and A6 processors, so it’s infeasible for the company to shift its supply elsewhere. With that in mind, Samsung recently announced that it will be increasing the price Apple pays for its processors by 20% in 2013.

Samsung recently had to pay Apple more than $1 billion in damages when a jury found the Korean electronics giant guilty of patent infringement. However, this is just one of many legal battles involving the two companies.

Source: Chinese Business News

Via: AppAdvice

  • Vananiadis

    Samsung Official Reportedly Denies 20% Processor Price Hike For Apple

  • lwdesign1

    Of the many billions Apple has stashed outside the U.S., I’m hoping they’re doing their research into building their own chip and other component manufacturing factories so they can eliminate their dependence on Samsung entirely.

  • techhulk

    Ehhh I think Apple has already begun to leave Samsung behind in their quest for new processors by acquiring Jim Mergard former Samsung chip designer… Needs more research…

  • FourthWorldSys

    For new readers unfamiliar with the Onion-flavored editorial agenda here, it may be worth noting that the rest of world is reporting this cause-and-effect in exactly opposite terms, that it was Samsung who cut off supply from Apple, e.g.:

  • cmsj

    I think the part of the article about leaving Samsung for chip fabrication, being impossible, are at best poorly argued.

    We know that Apple has pulled almost all of the chip design in-house from the A6. This seems to have been mostly about performance, but it does also mean that it’s one less thing they’re having Samsung do. It also means that now all Samsung is doing is the fabrication of the chips. That’s no simple task, but it is something that Apple could outsource elsewhere. One example would be TSMC.

    We seem to have also seen TSMC resist at least two exclusive manufacturing deals (one of which was with Apple), however, given that Apple is dumping capital expenditure into *something* big, it’s not inconceivable that they are paying for someone like TSMC to build fabrication plants to churn out chips exclusively for Apple.