EA, Gameloft, Sega & More Are Slashing iOS Prices For Thanksgiving [Deals]


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If there’s one thing I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving, it’s iOS developers. They price their apps at tremendously great prices, then make big reductions at almost every opportunity. This Thanksgiving, EA, Gameloft, Sega, and more are slashing the prices of their most popular iOS titles — most of which are now just $0.99.

So that you don’t miss a bargain, we’ve compiled a list of the best titles that are now going cheap. Check it out below.











Namco Bandai





Stainless Games



That completes our Thanksgiving sale roundup, but if you’ve spotted something we haven’t, please let us know about it in the comments.

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7 responses to “EA, Gameloft, Sega & More Are Slashing iOS Prices For Thanksgiving [Deals]”

  1. baby_Twitty says:

    Need for speed Most Wanted, is on discount too.

  2. kevdking says:

    Not much of a deal on Scrabble for the iPhone now is it?

  3. GameCenterGames says:

    I always love the Holiday times for these reasons right here. Nothing like some discounted games. :]

  4. SteveSebban says:

    The Movie searchOmeter’s in-app purchase in at 50$ off (http://bit.ly/uuqTkC)

  5. JorgeMaat says:

    You should post the deals for the Mac AppStore too, Call of Duty MW4 is 7.99 right now

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