Disney’s CEO Is Ditching His Company’s Stock And Buying Apple


"Bob Iger, you just cashed in $17.9 million worth of Disney stock, what are you going to do next?"

If you’re really into investing and the stock market and all that fun, heart-wrenching stuff, then now might be a great time to buy some Apple stock if you believe Disney’s CEO Bob Iger knows what he’s doing.

On Monday, Iger bought $1 million worth of Apple shares, according to documents filed with the SEC. Along with being the CEO of Disney, Iger is also on Apple’s board of Directors. But he’s not just buying Apple stock; he’s ditching his Disney stock while he’s at it.

Iger exercised a million options on his Disney stock last week and made a cool $17.9 million. Top level executives cash in on their options all the time at Fortune 500 companies, so Iger’s moves do not mean he doesn’t have faith in Disney, but it is interesting that he picked up so much Apple stock when it was on a downward slide.

A Disney spokesperson told Bloomberg that Iger is just “diversifying his investments and still has a very large portfolio of Disney stock.” When an insider buys stock on the open market, it’s usually considered a bullish sign. Considering the fact that Apple’s stock jumped up 7% this week, we think Iger made a great move.


Source: Bloomberg

  • technochick

    Thanks to the whole Pixar thing, Disney has a strong connection to Apple. Iger is showing that he isn’t buying the BS that, alongside a general slide in the markets, has driven Apple’s price down. Given that he’s on the Board it is a very dangerous move because it could come with an insider trading claim. Of course on the flip side the Board likely knows little to nothing about what’s coming up so any such legal claims will fail, but to the general public they don’t know that he doesn’t know (if they even know he’s on the board) so the CEO of a company of that size buying stock could have a major impact

  • RoyceMathew

    In regards to Robert Iger, Michael Eisner and the Walt Disney Company,

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