Cellhelmet Case With One-Year Accidental Damage Cover Comes To iPhone 5


No case offers the same level of protection for your iPhone 5 as the Cellhelmet.
No case offers the same level of protection for your iPhone 5 as the Cellhelmet.

Back in February, I told you about an awesome iPhone 4S case called the Cellhelmet, which comes with one year of accidental damage cover absolutely free. If your iPhone gets damaged while inside the case, Cellhelmet will get it repaired or replaced — all you pay is the handling charge.

Now Cellhelmet’s coming to your iPhone 5.

The case itself has been redesigned for Apple’s latest smartphone, making it significantly thinner than its predecessor. But don’t let its slender form factor fool you; it’s just as durable and as protective, and it comes with the same one-year accidental damage cover you got before.

The case itself is priced at $49.99, and it comes in a range of colors. Sure, that’s a little more than you’d pay for a normal iPhone 5 case, but this isn’t a normal iPhone 5 case. You see, Cellhelmet’s creators are so confident that their case will keep your iPhone protected that if you happen to break it while it’s wearing the case, they’ll repair or replace it for free. All you have to pay is the $50 handling fee.

Cellhelmet’s claim line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so no matter when the accident happens, you can get help. What’s more, all calls are answered by a real person, and Cellhelmet promises that all repairs will be completed in under three business days.

If you’d like to protect your iPhone 5 with a Cellhelmet, you can order one now from Cellhelmet.com. Shipping will begin on December 31, so just make sure you don’t break your iPhone 5 before then.

Source: Cellhelmet

  • technochick

    The $50 handling fee? So no you don’t get it for free. Basically they are doing a no limits Apple Care Plus at a cheaper base rate cause they aren’t giving you extra warranty coverage.

    And ‘repairing’ your iphone. That is very suspect. Because Apple doesn’t allow anyone to repair the front display piece on the iPhones. Even in their own stores they don’t replace the iphone 5 display for damage. it’s always whole unit since the drop could have damaged internals as well. So if this company is repairing phones they are very possibly putting on displays that aren’t Apple and could void your warranty. Are they going to cover you for that. or are you just SOL

    I took a look at the terms and no thank you. I see too much opening for abuse, particularly in their right to deny something because they say it was abuse and not ‘accident’ or happened before you bought the case. Plus Apple’s program covers liquid, Cellmate does not. And if they replace your device, you have to get a new case to have it covered. and so on.