Two New iPhone 5 Commercials Are Live – ‘Turkey’ and ‘Orchestra’ [Video]


The golden tones of Jeff Daniels once again grace Apple’s iPhone 5 ad campaign in two new commercials on the official Apple YouTube channel tonight.

The first ad, titled Turkey, is all about Photo Streams and how they’re easily shared with just the people you want to. It’s a fun little commercial, just in time for the US holiday of Thanksgiving, with plenty of puns and, of course, pie.

The second video takes a different tack.

Called Orchestra, the ad shows off the iPhone 5’s noise-canceling microphone, using a small chamber orchestra for illustration. This is also be the first Apple ad that I’ve seen that calls out a specific hardware feature, instead of the more typical lifestyle approach of earlier ads.

What do you think? These seem pretty innocuous as advertisements go, though I do like the gentle fun of the Turkey one. Let us know in the comments below, and if you see one on TV this holiday weekend, let us know that, too!

Source: Apple YouTube Channel

  • luquio

    i love iPhone 5!!! unlucky to me, i live in Argentina…. and here is so fkn expensive…

    starting at u$s1500

    unlucky me… unlucky me…

    (sorry 4 my english)

    enjoy your iPhones!!!