Find Out Who Un-Follows You On Twitter With Sayonara [iOS Tips]



Twitter has rapidly become a great way to stay informed, keep in touch with friends, and generally faff about on the internet. Sometimes, however, that very same sense of humor that has brought you hundreds of Twitter followers can be the cause of folks un-following you. Whether they don’t get the joke or you actually said somethign offensive isn’t hte point here. Tracking who leaves your Twitter-sphere is.

Enter Sayonara, a new app by Nacho Soto that will alert you every time your Twitter stream loses a follower.

Grab Sayonara from the iTunes App Store and let it install on your iPhone 3GS or up. It’s $1.99, so it won’t break the bank.

Once you have it on your iPhone, launch the app. If you already have a Twitter account set up in iOS 6 (and of course you do because you’re a huge Twitter fan, right? Why else would you be reading this?), Sayonara will let you tap through to your Twitter account, and set itself up to catch those followers who are none too pleased with your 140 character wit, and have left your follower pool.

When someone un-follows you, the Sayonara app will send you a Push notification, and its icon will get a little circle with the number of un-follows, and you can tap through to find out who’s left the fold. Just don’t be too mean to them on Twitter. Though, of course, they probably won’t hear you, since they’re not really paying attention to you any more, you poor dear.

Source: iTunes App Store
Via: Addictive Tips