Is Tweetbot Scrolling Painfully Slow On Your Aging iOS Device? Update It



Tweetbot from Tapbots has become one of the most popular third-party Twitter clients available for iOS. But those of you with older devices may find that it sometimes has an issue with scrolling. Thankfully, Tapbots pushed out a new update today that should change that.

Tweebot version 2.6.1 just hit the App Store, and in addition to “various bug fixes,” it promises to improve scrolling performance on older iOS devices. It also makes user interface improvements, and fixes a streaming issue that sometimes occurs for those following a “large number of users.”

If you’ve stopped using Tweetbot on older iOS devices because of its scrolling issues, then this is an update you won’t want to ignore. And if you’re yet to try out Tweetbot and you’re a regular Twitter user, then we highly recommend it. There’s isn’t another Twitter client that beats it.

Source: App Store

  • MrPeabody

    Actually no. Mine always works very well. (Using 4G iPodT)

  • ElJefedor

    How is this supposed to help people using older iOS devices? The update requires you to be running iOS 5. So for me on my old iPhone 3G, I’m out of luck. That being said the release of Tweetbot I do have scrolls just fine.