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Tangle-Free Retractable Ribbon Charger For Your Aging iDevice



Lightning might be the connector of the future, and quite frankly it already seems absurd to me that I have to plug Apple’s huge old 30-pin dock connector into my little last-gen Nano just to charge it, but the oversized, hard-to-insert adapter will be hanging around for as long as people still have their perfectly good last-gen iDevices.

And Tylt’s Band Wall Charger looks to be a rather excellent charger for you luddites out there.

The charger is a cylindrical wall-wart with a ribbon of connector cable coiled up inside. To use it, you pull out the ribbon, plug the charger to the wall and the dock connector into your iPhone. That’s it. When done, the ribbon rolls back into the round receptacle.

I like this for a few reasons. One, it’s tangleproof, even when extended. Second, it takes the naturally wide, flat shape of the oversized 30-pin dock connector and make sit into a feature. And third, it looks perfect to just toss into a bag when traveling or just leaving the house.

The Band is just $40, or will be when you can find it on sale.

Source: Tylt
Via: Andrew Liszewski