Paper Notebooks Sized To Match Your iPhone or iPad


These paper notepads are ideal. No, seriously: They’re called iDeal Notepads, they come sized to match your iPad or your iPhone, and they’re designed to be strapped to their partner device with rubber bands.

I have spent far too much time and far too much money trying to find the perfect way to takes notes on my iPad. I bought styluses, handwriting apps and tried all kinds of crazy “workflows” to get my scribblings down on virtual paper. And then it hit me: The iPad is a wonderful device, but a paper and pen still beats it for notes, doodles and sketches.

Let me put it this way: When you’re on a phone call, do you fire up your iPad, launch the Paper app and grab stylus to start doodling? Or do you grab the nearest biro or pencil and instead scribble on whatever bill, envelope or other piece of paper that’s closest to hand?

I settled for a three pack of those thin 80-page, Moleskine books, which easily fit into any iPad sleeve along with the iPad. But now I wonder if I shouldn’t have bought an iDeal instead.

The pads are $15, and come with color-matched rubber bands to secure them to your device. Should you decide you need to have your notes digitized, then you can use the free scanner that comes with every iPhone and iPad to snap a picture and add it to, say Evernote.

It’s a neat gift, too, although I guess $15 could buy a lot of dime-store notepads and a whole box of rubber bands.

Source: Mollaspace