ORA Speaker Turns iPad Into a Movie Theater In Your Lap [Kickstarter]


There’s a point at which a cover becomes the main attraction. Iron Man’s suit is clearly a suit. But Ripley’s Power Loader? I’d argue that it’s a mini crane with a clever, human-shaped cockpit. And so it is with the ORA, which claims to be an iPad case but is in fact a miniature theater. A miniature theater into which the iPad can be clipped.

The ORA looks like the designers had a brainstorming session, and then one of them noticed the tray under the teapot. They then decided to put eight (8!) speakers inside that tray, and then cut out a section for the iPad to sit in.

The iPad connects to the ORA using the 30-pin dock connector, and is encased in the, uh, case from all sides. The lid of the ORA is held in place by those screws that you are supposed to use a coin to turn, but always end up braking a nail on instead. And it even has its own Smart Cover, which both protects the screen and acts as a stand.

The price? A mere $300. You can also pitch in to the Kickstarter campaign in the hope of getting an early-shipping model, with prices starting at around $129 (cover not included). Me? I’ll stick with my Big Jambox. At least it works with my Lightning-equipped iDevices, too.

Source: Kickstarter
Via: ORA