Show Only Inbox Messages In VIP Mailbox [OS X Tips]


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How many of you still use the Mail app? Show of hands? Personally, I haven’t used it much since I migrated to Gmail, preferring instead the online interface and functionality (including tags) to a Mac-based solution. However, there are many folks who still use the email application that comes along with OS X and every new Macintosh computer.

If you’re one of those people, you know that the new version of Mail has a VIP mailbox, just like the one in iOS 6. On the Mac, this VIP mailbox shows all the email you’ve gotten from folks you’ve set as a VIP. If you don’t remember how to do that, see our tip on adding folks to the VIP list in OS X.

However, you might just want to show only VIP mail that’s in the Inbox, right? Not all of the VIP email you’ve gotten, ever. Here’s how.

Launch Mail, and then click on the VIP mailbox. The head up to the View menu, and move your mouse cursor over to Sort By. Then you can click on Inbox Only. This will kep a checkmark by the menu item, and your VIP mailbox will only show email from VIPs that are also in the Inbox. When you move them to other mailboxes in Mail or archive them, those emails will no longer show up in the VIP mailbox.

Cool, right?

Source: MacSparky
Via: Macworld Hints

  • ramunasbl

    I use Apple Mail and found it more comfortable since I have multiple e-mail accounts and having ones in one place brings me better view of what’s happening with my emails than jumping from one browser window to another or keep switching accounts. I see no problems using tags (probably because these are not important part of my workflow) since google creates folders for these that are accessible in Mail. However, I do not use VIP email functionality. I found that my own smart-filtering and colour scheme works better for my needs.