Watch Jony Ive Talk About The Future Of Apple Design Back In 1997 [Video]


This video of a young Jonathan Ive talking about the design of the famous 20th Anniversary Macintoshi back in 1997 is hypnotic for a number of reasons.

At first, it’s just kind of cute, watching Jony Ive standing next to this bulky plastic all-in-one and talking about it with the same intensity as he would talk about designing the iPhone 5, but then you get sucked in, and despite your first impressions actually starting to appreciate what he was trying to accomplish, and see the same echoes and reiterated design philosophies extending forward in time, right down to the latest iMacs. Everything Ive was trying to do then, he’s still trying to do with Apple’s latest products.

Via: iPhone in Canada

  • matrix3D

    Whoa, wait a minute… Jony Ive used to have hair??

  • dcdevito

    Jony Ive is the best designer of all things of a concrete nature. Putting him in charge of anything abstract, such as software, is a mistake. Assigning him in charge of iOS is nothing more than a PR stunt.

    Apple is on a slipper slope

  • dmin7b5

    Nah, this guy can’t be the real Jony Ive, he didn’t use the word aluminium…must be an impostor.