iPad Sales In China Jump 80% After Apple Settles Trademark Dispute




After settling a longstanding trademark earlier this year over the name “iPad,” Apple has seen a big increase in iPad sales in China.

Proview, a Chinese company, had “iPad” registered years before Apple unveiled the iPad back in 2010. For the last few years the two companies have disagreed on settlement terms, but Apple finally resolved the issue by paying Proview $60 million to secure the name. Since the settlement was reached in July, iPad sales have increased 80% in China according to one analyst.

IDC analyst Dickie Chang claims that iPad sales in China in Q3 were up to 2.07 million units, which is an 80% increase over the previous quarter’s number of 1.15 million iPads sold in China.

Chang claims that the trademark settlement had a lot to do with iPad sales increasing. The third-generation iPad didn’t go on sale in China until July 20th – four months after it was made available in the U.S. – because of the claims over the trademark.

Apple is leading in the Chinese tablet marketshare by a huge margin, with its nearest competitor Lenovo having only sold 278,000 tablets in Q3. While Apple’s iPad sales in China have been solid, we expect that number to increase dramatically once the iPad mini is made available in China.

Source: Computer World