Clever TouchType Case Carries iPad Plus Full-Sized Keyboard


Here’s a super-cool little idea. It’s a keyboard case for your iPad, only instead of packing a small, cramped iPad-sized keyboard it’s a case which’ll hold both the iPad and your Apple aluminum Bluetooth keyboard. Better still, it folds out to make a stand to keep your iPad propped up while you work.

It’s called the TouchType case, and it came into the world after successfully whoring itself on Kickstarter.

The design is clever. Instead of making like a laptop, the keyboard is stowed underneath the iPad, with the shiny rear of the keyboard facing the smooth rear of the tablet. The cylindrical battery compartment sits at the edge as if it were the spine of a book. A big, battery-powered, metal-and-plastic book.

Sure, the case is a little oversized, but for many that won’t really be a big deal. Instead of thinking of it as a big iPad folio case, think of it as being smaller than bringing an iPad, an iPad case, a keyboard, a keyboard case and some kind of way to prop the iPad up vertically. Doesn’t sound quite so bulky now, huh?

The price is $75, and for that you’re getting a case made from tough polyurethane and lovely leather, so the materials aren’t cheap. Right now the first-quality cases are sold out, but you can pick up a polyurethane model from the outlet section of the site for a paltry $37. That’s almost as cheap as an Incase Origami, the current Apple-keyboard-toting champion.

Source: TouchTypeCase

Thanks: Heather!