iPhone 2.0 Mockup From Japan



The maestro of mockups Isamu Sanada is at it again. Here’s his fab mockup of the second-generation iPhone. Note the forward-facing camera for videoconferencing.


  • Gene

    This makes the real iPhone look like an outdated, fat, 1980s design.
    Oh, wait — it always looked like a 1980s design. Shiny rounded chrome? What was Jony Ive thinking of?
    Maybe it was deliberate, like car design — outdated quickly to make us upgrade?

  • Brendan West

    Note my vomit

  • KB

    Dear goodness this thing is sexy. Lets hope the real iPhone2 is as good looking or better =)

  • Ashley

    I’d be (very) happy with that (and buy it).

  • Rodney

    So, where’s the handgrip?

  • Michael

    Not that I can’t find it for myself, but shouldn’t you at least be providing a link to this person’s page? One of my biggest problems with this high-quality blog is that I can’t follow up on the stories and images used.

  • leigh

    ok, so make it twice as wide, and twice as tall, call it at tablet, and I’ll but three of them.

  • Isamu Sanada

    Thank you!!

  • Andrew DK

    Damn that is hot.

  • Deocliciano

    Finally iPhone Nano!
    Seriously now…
    That man HAS talent!