QuickerTek Now Makes Rabbit Ears For The Airport Express



You know what your super-slick, plain and simple AirPort Express needs to complement its minimalist design? A pair of rabbit ears, that’s what. And QuickerTeck, purveyor of crazily-priced Apple accessories, isn’t one to shy away when it sees a revenue opportunity.

Behold: The Antenna Express.

For just $179, you can buy this pre-butchered router, now complete with a pair of swiveling sticks which will pump out the Wi-Fi waves further than the bare Express (a “20% increase in signal strength”says the PR blurb.”) Not only that, but should you want to further mod the router, you can simply unscrew these protuberances and replace them with ever-bigger, ever-ungainlier1 antennae.

Other than the fuglification and the extended range, the Express is stock, and will work as well as it ever did. Available now for the aesthetically-challenged buyer.

Source: Quickertek

Via: PR Mac

  1. Yes, I totally made that antenna-gain joke. You’re welcome.