Gallery: A Cool Dozen Cult of Mac Fan Workspaces


Sean Caine


Moving closer to the more simple end of the set-up spectrum, William Lockie’s whole family gets it done from this neat and tidy workspace: his MacBookPro and iPhone, his mum’s lamp iMac and his dad’s iMac 24 and iPhone. He says, “We’re die-hard apple fans!”


There’s no more here than a last generation Mac mini with Belkin Companion and iPod, but we love Ap May’s simple, clean, inviting workspace.


Andrew MacDonald has an impressively minimalist approach, too, with a 24″ iMac, his Macbook and his iPhone 3GS.


We’d be remiss in failing to thank Aurélian Lewin for giving us a look at his groovy lava lamp and the killer wallpaper he’s got on the 17″ MacBook Pro, would we not?


Jan-Peter Herberger’s desk is made of black MDF — it’s 5 meters long and hollow where all cables are drawn… making this a lovely minimalist partners’ workstation with what looks like a 24″ iMac and a 15″ MacBook. Nice.


We featured our friend Bob Eckstein’s workspace a while back in a piece on Steampunk. The New York-based cartoonist is hard at work on a graphic novel about 19th century British whalers, so he covered all his Apple gear in scraps of driftwood and transformed his office into something resembling the Captain’s Quarters of an 19th century whaling ship. Aargh, matey!


Speaking of office transformations, we leave you with Damian Rintelman’s ‘office of the future,’ which is actually the result of a prank played on him by co-workers. Somewhere underneath all that foil is a 15″ MacBook Pro, multiple external hard drives, two LCD monitors, keyboards, and more.

Remember these are just a dozen of over 90 workspace photos submitted by fans of Cult of Mac and tomorrow’s Magic Mouse winner may not be one of these. Check out the Facebook fan page, become a fan, and submit your own workspace photo or other cool Apple-oriented shots and you may find it featured in a blog post down the road.