The Prettiest OS X Bug Your Mac Could Ever Hope To Get [Image]



99.95% of the time I pray that my Mac will never get a bug, but now part of me holds on to a sliver of hope that I will one day see an OS X bug that is as beautiful as this. A very small number of Mac users have reported that Launchpad has thrown out a new bug that crystalizes all of the icons on the Launchpad screen.

The way the bug occurs is pretty simple – the blur effect and crystallise effect are two built in core image filters and somehow Launchpad is applying the crystallise effect when it should be using blur. It’s a bit whacky and goes away after a bit, but it sure is spectacular.

Here’s how the bug morphed another Mac user’s screen:


I’d love for my desktop to be momentarily transported into a world of abstract GUIs. Have you seen this happen on your own Mac? If so, share your screenshot in the comments below.


Source: Reddit