Scosche Announces Pun-Tastic Lightning Chargers


Lightning chargers! Get your Lightning chargers here! Scosche has finally announced a set of basic home and car chargers for the current crop of iDevices, and you can actually buy the things.

The chargers are called “Strike” (ha ha) and look to be competent, if a little dull. They consist variously of USB wall-warts paired with Lightning cables, or car cigarette-lighter adapters also with Lightning plugs. Some of them come with a Lightning cap that flips up like the head of a PEZ dispenser to reveal a micro USB plug.

Given that the cheapest home charger costs $35, you might be forgiven for wondering why you’d buy one of these instead of a $20 lightning cable that you can use with all your existing chargers, without having to clutter up your home (or the landfill) with yet another plastic box.

Anyhow, all of the various accessories are available to buy any second now.

Source: Scosche
Thanks: Mark!