Kata Revolver Bag, Like a Gun For Your Lenses



Camera bags are like iPad cases and murses — you can never have enough, and you can never find the perfect one. Now Kata, maker of some fine and very functional camera bags, has thrown yet more confusion into the mix with a unique new lens-storage solution.

The Kata Revolver-8 has a spinning section that lets you load lenses like you would load bullets into a gun.

Like most Kata backpacks, there’s a top section for sundries (memory cards, things in cases that you don’t mind jumping around, lunch, etc.) and a lower section with adjustable dividers and a clever set of zips, flaps and doors to get at the cameras and lenses inside.

The Revolver-8 puts a spinning circle in this section, like the drum in a front-loading washing machine, and the camera itself lives up top. You can either access the whole shebang by opening the front flap, or — when you’re on the go — zip open a door on either side and just grab the lens you want. The internal cylinder actually revolves to allow access to any of five lenses inside.

Back before I sold my SLR, I used a Kata backpack and found it to be excellent. Actually, I still have it, although I plan to sell the thing as its gathering dust (my iPhone feels a little swamped inside).


Source: Kata Bags