These Cross-Polinated iPhone 5s Look Cooler Than The Real Deal [Image]



Our friend Chris over at Braeburn Acoustics had a couple of new iPhone 5s laying about their shop, so they thought, “hey, what would it look like if you made a Fraken-iPhone 5 by smashing together a white iPhone 5 with a black one?”

The results are what you see in the picture above. The white antenna band on the black display face looks pretty awesome, but we wouldn’t recommend doing your own experimental surgeries on the iPhone 5 unless you’re a highly skilled mad scientist.

  • markstickley

    The white screen with black back looks the best to me from an aesthetic POV, however I wouldn’t like it as I find the white border distracting. The white plastic bits on the back of the inverse would ruin it for me, otherwise I’d be all over it. No paint to chip off is a win in my book.

    All in all I’m happy with my black one though; I don’t think I’ll go looking for someone with a white one to do screen swapsies with :)

  • philessing

    Eww, really? I think they both look like crap.

  • baby_Twitty


  • Buster

    I dunno, I think they look pretty rad. Maybe it’s just the novelty of them that is so appealing to me.

  • nthnm

    I think thew white face/black bezel looks amazing. The other looks less than stellar though.

  • ulyssesric

    These should be called iPhone 5P, where “P” stands for Panda.

  • balcis

    no they are NOT.