Protex iPad Case Is Tough Enough To Take On A Four Year Old Child


The Protex iPad from Higher Ground cover looks to be just about ideal. It’s a regular-looking TPU rubbery rear skin, but it packs a bunch of features to a) stop you from dropping it and b) protect it when you do. And as a bonus, it also has the best, most minimal demo video ever.

The case’s first feature is the x-shaped strap on the back. This gives you something to grab, or somewhere to slide your hand as you use the iPad. It might not be necessary for the lightweight Mini, but the iPads three and four are heavy buggers, and the pull of gravity is always making itself known.

Next up is the case itself. The corners are reinforced, and as you can see in the video (which is admirably to-the-point) the iPad can be tossed around like a ball. In fact, Higher Ground’s Mark Zadvinskis lets his four year old kid play with his iPad, which would of course be disastrous without this case.

Finally, a neat extra: because of the thick edges, a sound channel can be included to route the output from the ridiculous rear-facing speaker to the front, so you can hear it.

How much for all this protection? $40. We have one on the way to Cult of Mac’s test lab for extensive probing and playing, so I’ll let you know if its up the task.

Available now.

Source: Higher Ground