The Vault: A Waterproof Case For Jambox-A-Like Speakers


We’ve seen waterproof Bluetooth speaker that replace your Jambox when you go to the beach, bit what about a waterproof case that lets you take your actual Jambox to the beach? That’s the Vault, a rugged, water-shrugging case which will keep any small, candy-bar-shaped speaker safe and dry wherever you take it.

The Vault is modified Pelican case, with the top lid altered to contain a perforated steel sheet and a coating of “AudioClear” material, a dust and waterproof skin which is designed to keep the crap out but let the music pump through.

Jbxhc Image 1

And because it’s a Pelican case, it can be clipped and strapped to just about anything using its various mounting points.

Now, if you have already dropped $200 on a speaker, the last thing you want to do is spend more on a case. Which is why the Vault’s other feature is its price. At just $60, it’s a lot cheaper than buying a replacement Jambox.

Source: AudioActiv

Thanks: David!