Keep Other People From Using Siri In Your iPhone’s Lock Screen [iOS Tips]



Did you know you could use Siri, Apple’s personal voice assistant, without unlocking your iPhone? Well, you can. Hold the Home button for the few seconds it takes for Siri’s purple microphone icon to show up, and you can ask it to do anything you like, like making a phone call, composing a Tweet, or sending an iMessage. This is a great feature for the person who owns the iPhone, but what about someone who finds your iPhone, or that one friend who can’t keep from messing with your stuff?

Luckily, you can turn this “feature” off, thereby preventing this from happening. Here’s how.

Tap on the Settings app on your iPhone, and then tap on the General button. Scroll down to Passcode Lock and enter your passcode after you tap it. Scroll down again, and you’ll see the section title, “Allow Access When Locked.” You can toggle Siri to OFF here with a quick tap.

You can also disable your iPhone’s ability to use Passbook or to Reply to phone calls with a Message here, as well, increasing your security even more. Obviously, there’s a trade-off in terms of ease-of-use, here, so you’ll have to try out the different settings and see which works best for you. Personally, I keep Siri on, as most folks don’t even know that they can use it with the lock screen, and many functions still require entering my passcode. I have turned off Reply with Message, though, since I really don’t want someone else messing about with a function that’s clearly visible on the lock screen.

What about you? How will you set up your Lock Screen privacy settings? Let us know in the comments below.

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Via: OS X Daily