Nanocam, A Build-It-Yourself Camera Made From Bricks



Fact: Kids love Lego.
Fact: Kids love cameras.
Fact: Kids love to choke on teeny, tiny sharp plastic bricks.

Fuuvi’s special edition Nanoblock camera satisfies all of these passions: It’s a tiny little kit made of even tinier little nano-Legos, and any child, even a stupid one, can use it to make all kinds of neat working digital cameras.

The main guts is in a central block, which splits open to reveal a USB plug. The camera itself is a mere 2MP, but manages to shoot 720 x 480 video at 30fps, and stores it on a microSD card.

If you’re thinking of giving one of these to an older child to play with, or a younger child to attempt to eat, then it’ll set you back ¥4,400, or around $55. Plus hospital fees.

Source: Fuuvi
Via: PetaPixel
Via: NanoBlock