Pad&Quill iPad Mini Cases


It is becoming clear that some case styles are better suited to the iPad Mini than others. And it seems that Pad&Quill’s bookbindery cases are clearly way more appropriate for the little mini than they ever were for the bigger iPad.

Not that the regular-sized cases aren’t great — they are. But the whole bundle always seemed a little big. Now, though, the match looks to be ideal.

The new cases use the same book-cover card for their bodies, and the same baltic birch frame to hold the iPad and protect it. This construction adds a little more weight and bulk than, say, a Smart Cover, but while this was always a concern with the bigger iPad, on the smaller iPad it is actually desirable.

I pad Mini 507 new

The whole range (mostly) of P&Q cases is now available in mini size, and starts at $55 for the Graduate Edition, which is probably the one I’d buy anyway (and not only because it has a quote from me on its product page).

Source: Pad&Quill

Thanks: Brian!

  • Iamzonkers2

    Looks just like a Dodocase to me. Price check aisle 5.